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We not only believe in healing physical ailments but also help people live a healthy life mentally, physically and spiritually.

TIMExplore Shop is an organization actively involved in finding high quality Cosmetics, Staionary & Herbal - Ayurvedic health products and promoting them worldwide. We have thousands customers in USA and UK who frequently buy our selective health products through our website Our motto is to spread our knowledge about Ayurveda and Herbalism in the whole world by utilizing nature's intelligence.

Explore the TIME... is founded on ethical values and our business philosophy is to provide effective and economical products for your health and beauty needs without causing any side effects. TIMExplore Shop was emerged from its parent company Xplore Web Solutions which proudly run online web magazine The company was founded in 2011 and two websites were made for different needs of its users. TIMExplore Shop is serving its customers from May 2012. TIMExplore Shop offers India’s most acclaimed and trusted ayurvedic, cosmetics and stationary products of reputed companies with a strong track record. We have done required research and put in our experience in selecting our products and we have consciously not included certain products that are making unreasonable and unscientific health claims or products which are being sold at astronomical prices on the internet with out any rationale.

TIMExplore rShop is an effort to provide all Ayurvedic products, herbal cosmetics, books, treatment and general information online. At present the site is providing door delivery in all parts of the world.

Wishing you a healthy and blissful life!


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